On behalf of the CLIMARTE Co-Founders and Board, we invite our supporters to welcome our newly appointed Chair Dr Peter Christoff, and to warmly thank our outgoing Chair Mr Guy Abrahams for his years of successful leadership.

“I am delighted to hand over the board leadership of CLIMARTE to Dr Peter Christoff as Chair and Marielle Soni as Deputy Chair and Public Officer. Peter’s wealth of experience and expertise in climate change policy and the not for profit sector will be invaluable in guiding CLIMARTE into the future. Marielle’s many years of deep involvement in the visual arts will also prove invaluable to CLIMARTE’s development.

As the outgoing Chair I’m proud of our many achievements since CLIMARTE’s founding almost eight years ago. I warmly thank our Executive Director Bronwyn Johnson and the entire CLIMARTE Board for their important work in creatively striving to bring about a sustainable future and a safe climate, and I look forward to working with them all as a continuing board member.” – Guy Abrahams

“In taking up the role of Chair of the board of CLIMARTE, I want to first acknowledge the exceptional effort that Guy Abrahams has put in, over almost a decade, in establishing and guiding our small, vibrant organisation. His promotion of the idea that art has a powerful role to play in combatting climate change has resonated through two major festivals and numerous other activities, and found recognition and strong support in the arts community and more broadly. I want to thank him for his work and warmly welcome his continuing involvement with CLIMARTE as a board member.

Our new Strategic Plan, and the ongoing enthusiastic contributions of our Executive Director Bronwyn Johnson and the entire CLIMARTE Board, promise a further exciting evolution in our work, extending our engagement with both Melbourne-based and Victorian regional communities over the next three years. I am delighted and honoured to participate in these developments.” – Peter Christoff