As part of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 festival.

Posters remain a dynamic form of communication. From propaganda to grassroots organising, from infographics to memes, from advertising to subvertising, posters have informed, influenced, mocked, roused and inspired generation after generation.

The CLIMARTE Poster Project II is about provoking public dialogue and accelerating a response to climate change. With strength, optimism and urgency, it pushes the conceptual possibilities of the poster, finding new ways for contemporary artists to critically engage the public on the climate crisis.

Over 1000 posters were pasted up on the walls throughout inner Melbourne and featured in an exhibition at Testing Ground. Curated by Will Foster.

Artists: Eugenia Lim, Sam Wallman, Amy Spiers, Clare McCracken, Julia Ciccarone, Jen Rae, Peter Waples-Crow, Kelly Doley, Salote Tawale, Dean Cross.

Catalogue essay by academic and Ecofeminist Fiction author, Dr Hayley Singer.