Peter Waples-Crowe, 2021, The snow people, Orihon. Photo: Julian Meehan


After more than ten years working at the nexus between art, science and civil society, from late 2021 until August 2023 CLIMARTE operated the world’s first known gallery dedicated to addressing the Climate Emergency in all its manifestations.

During 20 months of operation, the CLIMARTE Gallery presented 17 ground-breaking participatory exhibitions addressing interconnected and interdependent ecological impacts as well as effective, justice-based solutions to the Climate Emergency. Additionally, the Gallery hosted 25 robust programs of public-facing events that delved into critical discourse between art, science and civil society.

The Gallery’s exhibitions involved many hands: 16 creative producers, 215 artists, along with enormous contributions from other creative workers, and our dedicated team of Invigilators. It was also wonderful to have two students from the US join us for a month each as part of an international sustainability internship program. Thank you!!

We are so appreciative for the many visitors and supporters, for their interest, unique insights and encouragement. We were also privileged to welcome people from as far away as Denmark, Bangladesh, Columbia, France, India, Iran, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, the Philippines, Spain, UK and USA.

We are hugely grateful for assistance from the Australia Council for the Arts and the City of Yarra in funding creative content, and the landlords who provided the two shops rent-free, for making the CLIMARTE Gallery project possible.

More convinced than ever of the power of public facing art to engage and inspire people to demand effective policy action on this greatest existential threat, CLIMARTE continues to collaborate with trusted people and organisations to produce and present Climate Emergency focussed exhibitions and associated events in ways that are proactively public facing.

Please note that, as the below frames show only the most recent exhibitions, please click the below tab to view all exhibitions dating back to the CLIMARTE Gallery’s launch with HEAR on the Closing Day of COP26 in November 2021.


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