Yandell Walton, Ecological-Encroachment, 2021.

Produced by Centre for Projection Art, EVANESCE features work by artists whose practice deeply engages with critical issues associated with the Climate Emergency. EVANESCE is a collaboration between CLIMARTE and the Centre for Projection Art, and officially launches CLIMARTE's ART+CLIMATE=ACTION program to present powerful climate justice artwork and creative projects on an ongoing basis.
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P.P.P.P. Poster Exhibition

Two 2022 CLIMARTE Posters, Tai Snaith and Sam Wallman

UPCOMING P.P.P.P. - POSTER PROJECTS PAST & PRESENT Posters remain a dynamic form of communication. From propaganda to grassroots organising, from infographics to memes, from advertising to subvertising, posters have informed, influenced, mocked, roused and inspired generation after generation. The CLIMARTE Poster Projects have visited Melbourne’s streets since 2016 provoking public dialogue and accelerating a response to climate change. P.P.P.P. is an exhibition of all our Posters
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FIRE FORUM, Ben Sibley, Fiona Lee, Jo Lane, Jody Graham, Andy Ackland nad Cam Walker in conversation. Fiona Lee's work "Unprecedented fires and a garden hose"

Artists FIONA LEE, JODY GRAMHAM, BENEDICT SIBLEY,  ANDY ACKLAND predictive services specialist in the CFA  bushfire team and CAM WALKER CFA volunteer and member of Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance joined Jo Lane from CLIMARTE in a discussion about FIRE and ART in our FIRE FORUM.
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FIRE Exhibition

Photo Julian Meehan, woman in front of John Gollings' photo

CLIMARTE was proud to start 2022 with FIRE, an exhibition by artists who have experienced or make work about fire. More extreme and ferocious fires, particularly in Australia, are a huge consequence of the changes in climate due to global warming caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Artists in FIRE have experienced its ravaging effects first hand.
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HEAR Exhibition

HEAR in CLIMARTE Gallery, Photo by Julian Meehan

CLIMARTE was proud to open the world’s first Climate Emergency Gallery with HEAR, an exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art calling for all Australians to listen to and care for Country. For CLIMARTE, it was critically important that the Gallery open with First Nations artists’ voices. We were humbled by the opportunity to present this exceptional collection of deeply engaging artwork.
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