Beyonce in a Bethany Cordwell, made with 12,000 scales that were hard-cut from plastic document folders and sewn on

Hanging by a thread

An exhibition that inspires and enlightens us to  the climate and environmental impact of fashion design and production, and the exciting developments that could transform the industry from being ecocidal to one that genuinely is absolutely fabulous.

With works by Bethany Cordwell, Jacqui Henshaw, Jill JohansonSerap Osman and Kit Willow of KITX.

Exhibition Details:
Where: CLIMARTE Gallery 120 Bridge Road, Richmond
When: 10 October to 29 October.



Image: KITX garment FUTURE LOVE TRENCH – recycled denim

COST: Behind the seams

Associated EVENT during ‘Hanging by a thread’

14 October 1.30pm: As part of Melbourne Fashion Week we are proud to present ‘COST: Behind the seams’

Delve into the environmental consequences and climate impacts of fashion design and production, a discussion forum hosted by CLIMARTE. Join leaders in sustainable fashion, Kit Willow of KITX, Courtney Holm of A.BCH and author Lucianne Tonti – whose book ‘Sundressed’ explores a future remade by natural fibres – as they discuss fashion’s effect on the earth and the exciting developments that could positively transform the industry.
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We thank the Australia Council and the City of Melbourne




Image: Denim offcuts at the Future Lab, Melbourne

‘Hanging by a thread’ is made possible thanks to grants from the Australia Council and we thank the Melbourne Fashion Week for their assistance in bringing ‘COST: Behind the seams’ to you