Image from the opening of TREE by Julian Meehan.


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Why imagination is a critical part of realising a clean energy future

Artists are some of the best-positioned people to communicate and help deliver progress towards a zero emission energy future. They are creative, complex systems thinkers who welcome challenges. Throughout history, artists have played a central role as cultural thought leaders.

CLIMARTE is calling for artists to be properly funded to help develop and communicate Climate Action Plans at emergency scale and speed.

Please read the full article in The Fifth Estate here.

We greatly appreciate Vu Consulting’s assistance to raise awareness of the role that art and culture plays in imagining new pathways towards the world we want.

Image: Eugenia Lim, The Coal Face (ScoMo), Poster Project II, 2019

Screengrab of the article in the Institute of Community Directors Australia website, Posted on 14 May 2024

How do we foster a culture capable of eliminating the spread of disinformation?

It’s time science and facts replaced profits and power if we are to truly tackle pressing issues such as the climate crisis.

For insights into the role that CLIMARTE is playing in allowing artists to raise critical cultural questions around the current health of Australia’s democracy, please read ‘Truth in political advertising laws only the first step to eliminating the spread of misinformation’ by Deborah Hart, published by the Institute of Community Directors.

CLIMARTE is hugely appreciative of Vu Consulting’s support in helping us elevate the role that art and culture plays in speaking truth to power and shaping a world we want.

To read the article please click here.


CLIMARTE Supports Advancing a Voice to Parliament

CLIMARTE wholeheartedly supported Indigenous Australians having a Voice to Parliament.

We have been fortunate enough to both learn from and exhibit art by Indigenous artists whose work expresses the complex, beautiful, deep knowledge of their traditional lands, waters and culture.

We believe that all Australians will benefit from having a First Nations Voice included in the Constitution, ensuring Indigenous Australians have an effective say on the policies, programs and issues that affect them.

Particularly given the hostile tone of much of the ‘No’ campaign, we also feel compelled to help people better understand the sophisticated and aggressive tactics (and seemingly unlimited global fossil fuel funding) behind it.

Please read our full statement in support of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament here.


Kate Gorringe-Smith enters an urban forest, with the new group exhibition TREE at fortyfivedownstairs.
“In thoughtful and varied responses, the artists have chosen, as instructed, specific trees from the Urban Forest Visual Map as the subject of a new work. They have then stepped back to consider the personhood of that tree, just as an artist in the ever-popular Archibald might step back to consider how best to portray the individuality of their chosen human subject.”
“In many ways the twenty-five works in this exhibition are yet more love-letters, created to thank, celebrate and mark – deeply and expressively – the individual significance of each of these wonderful living creatures that silently enrich our city. TREE spans solemnity and joy as the artists examine the profound significance of living alongside these giant beings that are so easily taken for granted, but which give and mean so much. To spend time with the works is to want to visit these trees and get to know them personally.”


CLIMARTE Co-founder Fiona Armstrong receives a Pro Bono Impact 25 2022 Award

Since 2014, Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 awards have recognised individuals who are working to solve today’s greatest challenges through integrity, foresight, initiative and collaboration.

From the 25, three Judge’s Choice Awards are awarded for Innovation, Collaboration and Influence. From 450 changemakers, shortlisted to 150 nominees, the for-purpose sector has chosen its 25 most inspiring and influential people for 2022.


Page 1 of ART EDIT Special Feature on CLIMARTE

CLIMARTE was thrilled and honoured to be included in ART EDIT


“We recognise that scientists, artists and activists are all people who are quite complex thinkers, they are very good at engaging on many levels and taking information and interrogating it. We think that artists should be sitting at the tables with planners, acting as architects of the future. We want the gallery to be an organising space to achieve the future we know we can have, one based on facts, data, evidence and fairness.”



Vale Mandy Martin

"As a deeply ethical person, her art celebrated all that was beautiful in the human spirit and in our natural environment."


Take the day off to demand climate justice for everyone. At CLIMARTE we believe that art can activate communities to take action on climate change. But we also know that it will take more than art to persuade our governments to


At CLIMARTE we believe that art can activate communities to take action on climate change. But we also know that it will take more than art to persuade our governments to take action. It takes a community to show up and tell them what we want.


The Arts provide an essential service. During these troubled and isolated times, their contribution to our individual and collective wellbeing has never been more evident. We have all turned to books, music, poetry, performance, comedy, film, and art for