The Climate Guardians, photo by Julian Meehan

Rose of Sharon Leake, the Editor of ART EDIT, contacted CLIMARTE to do a feature article in the magazine

“In 2010 three people sat at a Melbourne café discussing their concern over the climate crisis. They walked away from that table with a partially fledged idea to create an organisation that would fight the climate crisis using the power of art. More than a decade later, that idea has become so much more than a passionately held hope. CLIMARTE, founded by former commercial gallery director Guy Abrahams, arts-focussed activist and writer Deborah Hart and public policy expert and author Fiona Armstrong, has today seen through countless commissions, activations and projects aimed at disseminating information about climate change and climate politics. “Our aim is to create a strong arts voice to join with other concerned citizens in calling for immediate, effective action to be taken to restore a safe climate,” Abrahams said back in 2010. Now, having just opened the doors to its first bricks and mortar art gallery in Melbourne, CLIMARTE is fuelling up with new vigour.”

CLIMARTE was thrilled and honoured to be included in ART EDIT
READ the full article here:  AE30 Special feature_CLIMARTE