Image above: Jon Campbell, Great Barrier Reef, 2016; Eugenia Lim, The Coal Face (Scomo), 2019; Tai Snaith, Maked Galah, 2022; Sam Wallman, Make the Yarra Swimmable, 2022. Posters.

Image below: Judy Kuo, Hot Air, 2022; Gustavo Morales, A Lot at Steak, 2022; Sam Wallman, Make the Yarra Swimmable, 2022; Kelly Doley, No Future, 2019. Photo of posters exhibited in CLIMARTE Gallery.

Poster Projects Past & Present (P.P.P.P.)

Posters remain a dynamic form of communication. From propaganda to grassroots organising, from infographics to memes, from advertising to subvertising. Posters have informed, influenced, mocked, roused and inspired generation after generation.

P.P.P.P. was a retrospective of the climate posters CLIMARTE produced with the support of the City of Melbourne. It explored the diverse and imaginative ways in which artists convey their feelings about the climate crisis: from the didactic to numinous, graphic to abstracted. And yet they all point to the necessity and benefits of transforming from an economy and lifestyle based on extractive and exploitative practices to one that is healthy and regenerative; clean, waste free and powered by renewable energy.

The CLIMARTE Poster Projects visited Melbourne’s streets since 2016, provoking public dialogue and accelerating a response to climate change. With strength, optimism and urgency, these projects aimed to push the conceptual possibilities of the poster, finding new ways for contemporary artists to critically engage the public on the climate crisis.

Chris Bond, Angela Brennan, Jon Campbell, Julia Ciccarone, Dean Cross, Donna Davis, Kate Daw, Kelly Doley, Olga Dziemidowicz, Katherine Hattam, Siri Hayes, Miles Howard-Wilks, Martin King, Judy Kuo, Eugenia Lim, Clare McCracken, Gustavo Morales, Jen Rae, Tai Snaith, Amy Spiers, Autumn Tansy, Salote Tawale, Gabrielle de Vietri & Will Foster,  Thornton Walker, Sam Wallman, Peter Waples-Crow, Simon Welsh, Laura Wills and Studio 29B.

Exhibition Details
Where: CLIMARTE Gallery, 120 Bridge Rd, Richmond
When: 21 April – 17th June 2022


P.P.P.P. Artist Statements pdf >


You can see posters from other years below:



P.P.P.P. Opening Event

Photographed by Julian Meehan.


We thank the City of Melbourne

The production and distribution of the CLIMARTE POSTERS was made possible through the City of Melbourne Arts and Creative Investment Partnerships project grants.