Squares for The Climate Quilt

The Climate Quilt

A CLIMARTE and Psychology for a Safe Climate collaboration.

In memory of Mary Good who initiated the project.

Making a Climate Quilt
This was a chance to use  creativity in a collective project as a way of increasing awareness about the climate emergency. We invited people to contribute to making a collective quilt.

The Climate Quilt top is complete and pieced together.

Psychology for a Safe Climate

The purpose of Psychology for a Safe Climate is to contribute psychological understanding and support within the community, helping people face the difficult climate reality. Psychology for a Safe Climate started this project and now CLIMARTE is honoured to become involved to see it to completion.

Read about Psychology for a Safe Climate

What We Need

How people made a square for the Climate Quilt: To begin, select an image which comes to mind, and which illustrates the seriousness of the plight of our life on planet earth.  Using lightweight fabric, cotton or linen (natural fabrics only please), osecond hand is fine. You need a square 30cm x 30cm.  The finished visible size of the squares is be approximately 28cm x 28cm.  The extra size allows us to sew them all together to create the quilt.

The next step is to embroider or stitch the image. Remember that running stitch is the basis of all embroidery and you can make lovely pictures or text just using running stitch.  Bring any embroidery cotton you want to use, or share around.
One example on line of embroidery stitches is here https://www.mybluprint.com/article/top-10-must-know-hand-embroidery-stitches

You don’t need a hoop, just the square of fabric. Don’t be limited by this…appliqué, needlpoint … the sky is the limit.
The sessions at CLIMARTE had assistants and some material.