Earth Day 1970 (image source unknown)

An inclusive conversation with Dr Joan Staples and Deborah Hart

Where did it all start and where are we now in civic society’s fight for Climate Justice? Are we headed in the right direction? How helpful is it to fully understand the historical contexts of the grassroots climate and associated social justice movements? What is its present-day avatar? What will it take to secure a safe climate future?

Led by REVOLT’s Creative Producer Gomathi Suresh, a conversation with Dr Joan Staples, Honorary Principal Research Fellow, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies RMIT University and author of Guarding Eden: Champions of Climate Action, performative climate activist and CLIMARTE Chair Deborah Hart, as they share their lived experiences and perspectives on the intersecting roles of governance, industry and the community in dictating our climate future.

When: Thursday 20 April 2023, 6 – 8 pm

Where: CLIMARTE Gallery, 120 Bridge Road, Richmond

Exhibition details are here.