Rod Gray, deluge (2023), oil on linen, 152 x 112 cm

What is the role of the Arts in a 'wellbeing economy'?

Saturday 17 June 2023
2 - 4pm

Art can captivate. It can open hearts and minds to new ideas, and lead to more enriching ways of perceiving and experiencing the world.

As imaginative, complex-systems thinkers, artists and creative workers are by nature exceptional problem solvers. They are also courageous, resilient and innovative. To urgently transition to an economy that puts the wellbeing of people and nature at its heart, are these the skills most needed now?

Please join FLOW artists for a special viewing of their work and to share ideas about what a creativity-driven ‘wellbeing economy’ could look like and how to bring it to life.

Artists present: Rod Gray, Linda Knight, Carolyn Lewens and Giselle Wilkinson with Deborah Hart, Creative Producer.

Where: CLIMARTE Gallery, 120 Bridge Rd, Richmond.

Please see FLOW Exhibition details here.