Image: Louise Feneley, Peas, carrots and celery fabric sculpture

Awkward Holiday Gathering

Thursday 15 December, 12noon - 2pm

As a part of FOOD we are proud to offer an ‘Awkward Holiday Gathering’.

Participating FOOD artists Jenny McCracken and Helen Addison-Smith joined artist-researcher Dr Jen Rae and ‘FOOD’ Creative Producer Jacqui Henshaw for a public discussion exploring all aspects of food systems, including how to have a festive meal that also celebrates the natural world from which all our food comes from.

And since we likely all find ourselves in such situations at this time of year, we also exchanged tips for navigating ‘awkward’ conversations with people who aren’t comfortable with scientific facts.

When: Thursday 15 December, 12noon to 2pm.

Where: CLIMARTE Gallery, 120 Bridge Road, Richmond 3121.

You can hear an audio recording of this fascinating discussion here.