Angela Viora performs SHADOWS as part of TREE. October 2022. Thanks to City of Melbourne Arts and Creative Investment Partnerships project grant

SHADOWS by Angela Viora

Angela Viora and SHADOWS

SHADOWS, Angela Viora: "Tracing the trees’ shadows on the ground with chalk, pedestrians see the traces the day after during the day-light, stepping onto them. Hopefully, they look up and see the beautiful trees standing next. I hope that these interventions will work as reminders to Melbournians of the importance of the work that trees do for us 24/7, incessantly, day and night."
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Rewriting The Score, 2019

Rewriting the Score was commissioned by Latrobe Regional Gallery in collaboration with CLIMARTE and incorporates painting, video and sound to address the energy transitions that are occurring in the Latrobe Valley.
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Some Significant Equations, 2019

Climate change has a scientific basis that is beyond question. In two significant papers written in the 1960s Japanese born American meteorologist and climatologist Suki Manabe developed a global mathematical model to simulate climate change.
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