Image ©Rachel Mounsey/ Oculi.

This photograph of Alice Pepper, a Yorta Yorta, Mutti Mutti, Arrernte, Gunnai and Gunditjmara Artist and Leader, was taken for REGENEROSITY, an exhibition initiated by FLOAT 3909 and Gippsland Community Power Hub and subsequently shown at CLIMARTE Gallery, 2022

Cultural Mapping

This community focused project makes visible vital creative work responding to the Climate Emergency in all its manifestations.

With direction from First Nations Elders and input from local artists and culture workers, honouring 65,000+ years of continuous caring for country, these Cultural Mapping projects respond to First Nations people’s stories first and generate ‘maps’ that weave history, creative practice and vision for a positive future.

This is experimental emergent work to celebrate local collaborative community processes.

Inspiring Projects


ON FOOT is a FLOAT project nurturing regenerative economies with untourism & social enterprise.

We just want you to look, listen, get wet, get cold, smile at your kids, spot some dolphins. Bring your thermos and sketch book. And plan to meet someone interesting along the way.

Image by Keelan O’Hehir, ON FOOT session led by illustrator/nature journaler Angharad Neal-Williams as part of the East Gippsland program.

Pippa Bailey

I grew up, live and work on Wangal land in Sydney, country that has never been ceded. I respectfully acknowledge First Nations Elders, past and present, and offer allegiance to future leaders. #alwayswasalwayswillbe

I’m interested in how creativity, arts and culture can open hearts, change minds and bring disparate peoples together. My career is wide ranging, with foundations in the performing arts and live events. I’ve run festivals, built a multi-arts centre, curated galleries and talks, flown to the Moon, conjured a museum, supported many artists and played with fire. I also did a stint on TV and managed a comedy venue.

The projects I deliver are often participatory and always collaborative, reaching out to different communities and across sectors. For ChangeFest I worked with Elders and community leaders to host national and local place-based social change events. With Sydney Festival I produced major new works including a city wide participatory cycling project ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ to activate people’s imaginations to commemorate the Moon Landing. At Performing Lines I worked with some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary performing artists to realise and tour their shows. At Total Theatre I developed a rigorous awards process at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With The World Famous I helped grow the company to create large scale fire and firework shows. And through BiDiNG TiME I imagined a new ‘fairtrade’​ theatre model for international collaboration. I’ve often worked between cultures and have worked in many different parts in the world.

I’m passionate about addressing crisis in the natural world, responding to climate change, shifting power structures & empowering women to achieve greater gender equity. I practice stewardship, putting ego aside, checking my privilege, being honest about what I don’t know, passing on skills and rolling up my sleeves to get stuff done.

I’m a systems thinker and doer, balancing creative roles with management, sourcing funds and teams to make things happen. Creativity is important at every stage to ensure that structures and systems benefit from new ideas. As a dramaturg, trainer and creative advisor I deliver strategic plans and organisational development – aligning vision to values; principles, policy and practice.

At this time of great social upheaval and transition, old systems are not working effectively for people now. I want to help reimagine, renegotiate systems & employ creative processes to help find new ways forward. Exploring how is challenging, urgent and wildly exciting.

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Wendy Farmer

President of Voices of the Valley, a community advocacy group that formed during the catastrophic 2014 Hazelwood brown coal mine fire in Victoria. The Hazelwood mine fire burned out of control for 45 days in a row, just 400 metres away from the town of Morwell, poisoning over 70,000 residents across the Latrobe Valley. During this unprecedented disaster, the community’s health concerns were largely ignored by local and state government organisations.
Voices of the Valley’s advocacy work has led to, notably, the reopening of the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry, which found that the mine fire contributed to 13 extra deaths in the Latrobe Valley. The Hazelwood Power Company court cases & Supreme court win of the company being found guilty on 22 charges of environment and health & safety impacts Voices of the Valley were finalists in the 2015 Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards in the ‘Environmental Justice’ category.

Before the 2014 mine fire, I wasn’t heavily involved in health, environmental, sustainability or social justice issues. I am a dedicated campaigner, media spokesperson and have done numerous public speaking engagements. I am passionate about working towards a ‘Just Transition’ for the Latrobe Valley and other communities.
Working with Friends of the Earth as a Renewable Energy campaigner across Gippsland. @yes2renewables

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Deborah Hart

Deborah Hart is a climate and environment focussed creative producer and writer based in Narrm (Melbourne). After 16 years working in development roles with leading Australian arts and culture organisations—as increasingly neoliberal government policies were forcing important public organisations to form ever-closer alliances with harmful industries—Deborah left her profession in order to devote more time to climate activism. Deborah founded LIVE (Locals Into Victoria’s Environment, 2006) and later co-founded CLIMARTE (2010) and ClimActs (2013) to harness the power of creative arts and ‘performative’ action to highlight the causes and urgency of the Climate Emergency as well as the readily available and socially and ecologically sustainable solutions. Deborah is the author of Guarding Eden: Champions of Climate Action (Allen & Unwin, 2015) which tells inspiring personal stories showing how and why highly destructive, polluting industries that built immense wealth and influence last century are now using that power recklessly to maintain ‘business as usual’ (protect their profits), and the inspiring actions ordinary citizens are taking to safeguard nature and humanity’s future.

Deborah has been the Chair of CLIMARTE since 2020.

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Josie Hess

An award-winning filmmaker and digital content producer based on GunaiKurnai Land in Australia.

Their work has included extensive collaborations with Berlin-based producer Morgana Muses and co-directing their first feature documentary ‘Morgana’ alongside co-director Isabel Peppard. ‘Morgana’ premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2019 and won the GCFF award for Best Independent Australian Film in 2020, and SanFran Indie Fest in 2021.

In 2022 they graduated from the Art + Impact fellowship through Doc Society and are writing and directing feature impact doc, Life After Coal.

In 2019 they produced The Grave of Saint Oran, a short stop motion film based on a poem by Neil Gaiman with Director Jim Batt. The film premiered at the Sydney International Film Festival.

Josie’s work has also made waves in the ethical porn world. ‘Labia of Love’ won Hottest Artful Porn award at the Toronto International porn awards in 2018. They also won ‘Best Erotic Feature’, in 2017 for Awakenings at the Alternative Film Awards and ‘Best Fetish Film’ for Having my Cake at the Toronto International Porn Film Festival in 2015.

Josie is a digital all-rounder and through their freelance business works across multimedia, crowdfunding social, web dev, marketing and design working with clients like Woodfordia Inc and Monster Pictures.

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Margie Mackay

Margie is a Gippsland-based artist and researcher known for creating large-scale ceremonies alongside diverse communities both nationally and internationally.
Utilising fire, ritual-art forms, design thinking, trans-disciplinary performance modes and collaborative processes, Margie’s work over the past 25+ years has ranged from intimate indoor events, to exuberant street theatre productions, street art installations and epic-scale community ceremonies in many Arts Festivals and Community Gatherings. Her work has taken her around the globe, with residencies and performance works in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Scotland, the USA and Colombia.

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Sarah Rainbird

Sarah Rainbird is a senior management professional with over 22 years of experience, including philanthropy, business development and stakeholder relationship management, teaching, research, project management and corporate law.

As a strategic, analytical, people focussed leader, Sarah has a proven ability to drive strong income growth, build authentic relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, and lead and inspire individual performance. She is highly adaptable to changing environments and motivated by creativity, continuous improvement, excellence and supporting others to maximise their potential.

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Marianne Robinson


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Stephanie Sebrinskas

A Lithuanian-Dutch rebel from Moe who is currently co-producing a documentary and accompanying podcast on life after coal in the Latrobe Valley. How good is that! Stephanie has always been a creative person and an animal lover and in this conversation she recalls memories of her time growing up with her family in Moe before moving to the big smoke and working in retail, sharing sharehouse dumps and palying in bands. Steph was born in 1988 and still has so much to do with her life. Thanks for being our guest this week, Steph. Listen to her podcast here:

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Marjorie Thorpe

I am a proud Gunnaikurnai woman and believe our biggest responsibility is to care for our country and the people who live here. In Gippsland, we need better access to better services like healthcare and education, and we need urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.

I campaigned to save the Grandmother trees on Tjapurong, the land of my grandmothers, and will continue to advocate for the protection of our forests, rivers, native vegetation and animals. The health of our environment is essential for social well-being, but it is under threat. As an elder my responsibility is to protect the land and people, by participating in the community with integrity and passion. We need to do the right thing and fight climate change now, to ensure a safe future for us and our children.

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We gratefully acknowledge Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for making the
Cultural Mapping project possible through a Proactive grant.