Poster Project III: A Call To Art (2021/22)

Masked Galah by Tai Snaith

CLIMARTE' s Poster Project IIIĀ  is curated collection of 10 posters to reflect a diversity of approaches to our climate emergency. The recent call out ' A CALL TO ART' received these incredible works, submissions are shown here also, we were so humbled by the number, and concerned, responses.
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Poster Project III: Why a Call to Art? Forum

The Poster Project III: Why a Call to Art? Forum officially launched CLIMARTE's third poster project with the City of Melbourne. Led by Dr. Lara Stevens, Forum speakers included Professor Brian Martin, Professor Patricia Piccinini and Dr Jen Rae. Introduced by City of Melbourne Councillor Rohan Leppert, the Forum was an exceptional opportunity to hear leaders in creative communications discuss their research and practice, as well as their views on the potential power of art to change Everything.
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The CLIMARTE Poster Project II is about provoking public dialogue and accelerating a response to the climate crisis. With strength, optimism and urgency, it pushes the conceptual possibilities of the poster, finding new ways for contemporary artists to critically engage the public on climate change.
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CLIMARTE commissioned eleven Australian artists to design posters that engage the community on climate change action, and convey the strength, optimism, and urgency we need to move to a clean, renewable energy future.
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