The Scrolls: 3,000 days...and counting

Special Viewing and Artist Talk at The Store, Abbotsford Convent (Sunday 6 Oct, 2-5pm) as part of Melbourne Fringe 2024. Every day until 26 March (Earth Day) 2030. award winning botanical artist Sharon Field will make a drawing or painting for 'The Scrolls: 3,000 days...and counting'. A stunning, active, archival artwork, Sharon's Scrolls are an ongoing creative action to engage as many people as possible to join her in doing everything in their power to halt the destruction and begin healing local and global ecosystems. CLIMARTE is proud to be supporting Sharon to present 'The Scrolls' to audiences in Australia, US, UK, Europe and Asia in 2024.
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Creative Constellations: Atlas of Radical Hope

14 February - 2 March 2024. In the context of the Climate Emergency, 'Creative Constellations: Atlas of Radical Hope' is an exhibition making visible locally focused creative work that intersects climate, culture and community in ways that boldly envision a fair, socially and ecologically sustainable future based on respect and reciprocity. This exhibition is proudly held in association with the National Sustainability Festival.
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The Climate Quilt

A square for The CLIMATE QUILT

Initiated by the late Mary Good, driven by Carol Ride from Psychology for a Safe Climate, and brought together by Jo Lane, 'The Climate Quilt' is comprised of sewn squares of concern for our climate, our environment, and our future. Our special offering at this time of contemplation, 'The Climate Quilt' is on show in the front room of 120 Bridge Road, Richmond from 20 December 2023 until early February 2024.
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CLIMARTE Window Reflections

CLIMARTE Window Reflections is an emerging project to harness the enormous potential of art to communicate vital climate information through prominent otherwise vacant shopfronts. In addition to providing an inclusive opportunity for artists, residents, local businesses and vacant shop owners to unite in calls for effective climate action, we envisage this project helping to revitalise our local public areas.
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Electric Bangladesh: Fossil Free Futures

1 - 4 August 2023. Located very close to General Electric’s (GE) new energy business HQ, 'Electric Bangladesh' is an exhibition of artwork by five Bangladeshi artists calling on the energy giant to stop pushing new deadly fossil fuel projects in Bangladesh. The artworks depict the people of Bangladesh and their resilience as they grapple with the compounding impacts of the climate and biodiversity crises and ecocidal fossil fuel projects.
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Martin King, 'tree of life, diary of lost souls in twenty volumes No.1'

'TREE' 11 - 22 October 2022 CLIMARTE presented an exhibition of 25 commissioned artworks that depict and communicate a City of Melbourne’s tree and its experience of life. The trees are from the City of Melbourne’s celebrated Urban Forest project. Life has a layered dialogue with trees in the city context.
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Poster Project III: A Call To Art

Masked Galah by Tai Snaith

CLIMARTE' s 'Poster Project III: A Call to Art', 28 February - 28 March 2022, was a curated collection of ten posters reflecting a diversity of approaches to the Climate Emergency. The open call out received incredible works, and nearly all submissions are visible here. We were enormously humbled by the number of responses, and the depth of concern expressed.
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