The Climate Quilt

A square for The CLIMATE QUILT

The Climate Quilt - A CLIMARTE and Psychology for a Safe Climate collaboration.
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Martin King, 'tree of life, diary of lost souls in twenty volumes No.1'

TREE CLIMARTE is mounting an exhibition of 25 commissioned artworks that depict and communicate a City of Melbourne’s tree and its experience of life. The trees are from the City of Melbourne’s celebrated Urban Forest project. Life has a layered dialogue with trees in the city context.
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Poster Project III: A Call To Art (2021/22)

Masked Galah by Tai Snaith

CLIMARTE' s Poster Project III  is curated collection of 10 posters to reflect a diversity of approaches to our climate emergency. The recent call out ' A CALL TO ART' received these incredible works, submissions are shown here also, we were so humbled by the number, and concerned, responses.
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