Artist Talk + BILYA Presentation

Wednesday 21 February 2024, 6pm. Artist Talk + Bilya Presentation exploring the role of locally-focused creative work in intersecting climate, culture and community in ways that effectively contribute towards a fair, socially and ecologically sustainable future based on respect and reciprocity. This event is proudly held in association with the National Sustainability Festival.
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Art + Ecology Discussion

Saturday 17 February 2024, 2pm. Join 'Creative Constellations: Atlas of Radical Hope' participating artist Carmel Wallace and ​​John​​​​ Bradford, Grassland Restoration Ecologist at Nature Glenelg Trust, for a conversation about the 'INSCRIPTION' project created on Gunditjmara Country in southwest Victoria, Australia. This event is proudly held in association with the National Sustainability Festival.
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'A Basket of Songs' Book Launch

Saturday 17 February 2024, 11am. Join us for the Launch of 'A Basket of Songs' featuring lyrics and illustrations by Trace Balla and music by Andrew McSweeney. Held as part of 'Creative Constellations: Atlas of Radical Hope', in association with the National Sustainability Festival, this singalong to launch 'A Basket of Songs' welcomes us all to connect to our hearts and the things that really matter.
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Artist Workshop by Carolyn Lunt

F--CK COVID by Carolyn Lunt

Sunday 16 July 2023, 2 - 3:30pm. In Association with the Exhibition 'A Disability Lens on Climate Emergency' Carolyn Lunt will share creative tips and assist you to make your own COVID artwork using a very similar process to that of her current work at Bundoora Homestead which was awarded the prestigious People’s Choice Award.
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Artist Talks and Film Screening ‘Whitening the Sky'

Tristana Fitzgerald, The Wilderness Within, 297mm x 420mm, Photo, 2023

Saturday 29 July 2023, 2 - 3:30pm. In association with the Exhibition A Disability Lens on Climate Emergency, please join Dr Bon Mott _/\_ to facilitate discussions at CLIMARTE Gallery with participating exhibition contemporary artists.
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What is the role of the Arts in a 'wellbeing economy'?

Rod Gray, 'Deluge' 2023 Oil on linen, 152 x 112 cm

Saturday 17 June 2023, 2 - 4pm. Please join FLOW artists for a special viewing of their work and to share ideas about what a creativity-driven 'wellbeing economy' could look like and how to bring it to life.
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What makes a 'creative economy'?

the 'listening stones' at Western Port Bay, Victoria

Wednesday 14 June 2023, 6 - 7.30pm. Please join FLOW artists for a viewing and discussion about their work, and to exchange ideas for transitioning to a 'creative economy', one that supports all people and the natural world to thrive.
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Affect: Wind and the Body

‘From where I stand’, (2023) Gretel Taylor and Gülsen Özer, photos by Laki Sideris.

Saturday 27 May 2023, 10am – 2pm. As part of their artwork for 'Invisible Winds', Gretel and Gülsen will facilitate 'Affect: Wind and the Body', a public movement workshop to introduce aspects of Body Weather physical training, as well as an experience of the practice developed for the exhibition.
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Invisible Winds Artist Talk

To the fallen trees… community performance (2022) Tammy Wong Hulbert, Marnie Badham, George Akl and Ai Yamamoto with community at One Tree Hill; image by George Akl

Saturday 6 May 2023, 2 – 4pm. Join artists Pia Johnson, Philip Samartzis, Tammy Wong Hulbert, Marnie Badham and co-curator Madeleine Sherburn for a discussion about physical and emotional attachments to wilderness and to place through socially engaged creative projects.
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REVOLT Closing Performance

22 April 2023, 5 - 7pm. Led by Dr Lara Stevens and co-starring Zachary Hart, a part-scripted, part-interactive performance based on Australia’s 'revolutionary ruling' (2021) that leaders have a common law duty of care to protect young people’s futures from harms caused by climate change and the former Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s successful Appeal (2022) of it.
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REVOLT Public Discussion

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

20 April 2023, 6 - 8pm. Where did it all start and where are we now in civic society’s fight for Climate Justice? Are we headed in the right direction? How helpful is it to fully understand the historical contexts of the grassroots climate and associated social justice movements? What is its present-day avatar? What will it take to secure a safe climate future?
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Hoodie Empathy Suit - Dominic White

4 March 2023, 2 - 4pm. The second of two public events for 'BIRD' is an opportunity to join the Exhibition's Creative Producer and artist Kate Gorringe-Smith and participating artists Alexis Beckett and Dominic White for a discussion about their art work and sources of inspiration.
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BIRD Event I

11 February 2023, 2 - 4pm. This first of two public events for 'BIRD' is an opportunity to hear the Exhibition's Creative Producer and artist Kate Gorringe-Smith and participating artists Rachel Mounsey and Lucille Martin discuss their art practice and the numerous processes that inform their work.
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Imaginary Animal Real Estate AUCTION!

Eva Alisic at Imaginary Animal Real Estate AUCTION!

Saturday 4 February 2023, 4 - 6pm. An auction of prime real estate was led by an award-winning auctioneer from Furr & Fethaz, artist and researcher Eva Alisic. Extravagant nest hats and furry friends all encouraged to attend!
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FOOD: Awkward Holiday Gathering

Louise Feneley, Peas, carrots and celery fabric sculpture

15 December, 12noon to 2pm. As a part of 'FOOD', participating artists Jenny McCracken and Helen Addison-Smith joined artist-researcher Dr Jen Rae and 'FOOD' Creative Producer Jacqui Henshaw for a public discussion exploring all aspects of food systems, including how to have a festive meal that also celebrates the natural world from which all our food comes from while exchanging useful tips on how to navigate 'awkward' conversations with science/facts deniers. Image of 'therestofus' Tree by Café Lab.
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FOOD: Spontaneous Plant Walk

Spontaneous Plant Derive, Albert Rey Batol

14 December 5pm - 7pm. As a part of FOOD we ae proud to offer a Spontaneous Plant Walk led Collingwood based art collective, Studio 15. Come on a dérive around the surrounding areas of Richmond, focusing on the unique plant life that flourishes in novel ecosystems such as abandoned or overgrown lots, rooftops and cracks in the pavement. 
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Exploring Toolangi Forest

5 November 2022. Guided by Creative Producer and participating artist Karena Goldfinch and President of Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum, Steve Meacher, a public event exploring endangered species of Toolangi Forest through stories, songs, science, poetry, music and sculpture.
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Hanging by a thread Event II

Wednesday 19 October 2022, 6 - 7.30pm. What is required to transform the fashion industry from one that is ecocidal and anti-social into one that genuinely benefits people and the planet? Please join Hanging by a thread's Creative Producer Jacqui Henshaw and participating artist Jill Johanson to hear about their art and textile practice and the numerous processes that inform their work.
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Rachel Mounsey/ Oculi, Tony Wolfe, Energy Activist

Sunday 9 October 2022, 2pm - 4pm. Led by community organisers from FLOAT and the Gippsland Community Power Hub and held within the REGENEROSITY exhibition of images by Rachel Mounsey - one of Gippsland’s most acclaimed photographers -, this public discussion focused on citizen epiphany, local manifestation, and global acclaim (and all the things that happen in between) as a basic tenet for determined and effective climate change action.
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TREE Exhibition Special Event

TREE Exhibition Special Event: 21 October 2022 5 for 5.30pm What's the story and the science behind the City of Melbourne's world-leading Urban Forest project, and why are such nature-based initiatives so critically important in the face of the Climate Emergency? What role can the Arts play in rewilding urban spaces? Join Creative Producer Jo Lane and participating TREE artists for a fascinating discussion with Senior Urban Forester Fiona Brown and Project Officer Giuliana Leslie from the City of Melbourne's Urban Forest Team. Where: TREE Exhibition at fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, When: Friday 21 October, 5.30 to 7pm.
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COST: Behind the seams

KITX used denim as resource

As part of Melbourne Fashion Week, CLIMARTE was proud to present ‘COST: Behind the seams’ on 14 October 2022. This public event featured leaders in sustainable fashion, Kit Willow of KITX, Courtney Holm of A.BCH and 'Sundressed' author Lucianne Tonti discussing fashion’s effect on the earth and the exciting developments that could positively transform the industry.
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Solastalgia & tomorrow Closing Event

Linda Knight's works

Saturday 1 October 2022. On the final day of Solastalgia & tomorrow, five of the seven artists involved in the exhibition participate in a public discussion about the 'solastalgia' phenomenon, and the processes behind their creative choices.
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Book Launch: 'Humanity's Moment' by Joëlle Gergis + Conversation

Humanity's Moment; Joelle Gergis.

Launch of 'Humanity’s Moment' by award-winning climate scientist and writer Joëlle Gergis, including a conversation led by City of Yarra Mayor, Cr Sophie Wade. 12 September, 6pm at the CLIMARTE Gallery.
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Artists Talk: 'Critical Limit: An Urgent Call for Collective Climate Action'

Kathy Holowko, The Unsung Hero

Join artists Kathy Holowko and Michael Fikaris in conversation with CLIMARTE Gallery’s co-chair Jo Lane. This conversation will explore themes such as the role of artists and arts in connecting our community to issues which matter right now; how art might help us heal our relationship with nature; how we might create art which is visible, accessible and has impact; and the role of artists as agents of change. Date and time: Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm AEST at the CLIMARTE Gallery
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Yu-Fang Chi

CLIMARTE and Centre for Projection Art celebrated World Environment Day 2022 with an artists talk at the CLIMARTE Gallery Sunday 5th June, 6pm. Involving EVANESCE artists, the talk focussed on work at the intersection of art and climate emergencies. This event also launched ART+CLIMATE=ACTION (A+C=A), an ongoing arts + climate advocacy program inspired by CLIMARTE's highly successful ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE biennial festivals.
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Between Machine and Prey: An Artist Talk with Kris Verdonck and Kristof van Baarle

'prey' an image for the upcoming show on Plumwood

Thursday 26th May 2022, 6:00pm - 7:30pm. 'Between Machine and Prey: An Artist Talk with Kris Verdonck and Kristof van Baarle' was part of the ‘Future Scenarios: Performance, Climate, Ecology’ series presented by the University of Melbourne School of Culture and Communication.
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P.P.P.P public discussion and celebration

P.P.P.P invite for the 18th May

On the eve of Australia's Federal election, we had a public discussion of the role street posters play in mobilising communities to demand a better future. The discussion was led by Dr. Clare McCracken, a CLIMARTE poster artist (2019) and recipient of Vice Chancellors scholarship for her practice-led research which sits at the intersection of art, cultural geography and urban theory.
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FIRE Forum

FIRE FORUM, Ben Sibley, Fiona Lee, Jo Lane, Jody Graham, Andy Ackland nad Cam Walker in conversation. Fiona Lee's work "Unprecedented fires and a garden hose"

Artists Fiona Lee, Jody Graham, Benedict Sibley, artist and CFA predictive bushfire services specialist Andy Ackland and CFA volunteer and member of Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance Cam Walker joined FIRE Creative Producer Jo Lane from CLIMARTE and City of Yarra Mayor Cr Sophie Wade in a discussion about fire and art.
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Jamie Perera at CLIMARTE Gallery, 'Anthropocene in C Major'

Image: Still from Jamie Perera's 'Anthropocene in C Major'

Following sold-out shows described at Adelaide Fringe as hectic, devastating, thought provoking and brilliant, UK/Portugal based composer and sound artist Jamie Perera performed 'Anthropocene in C Major' at the CLIMARTE Gallery from sunset on 9 March 2022.
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Poster Project III: Why a Call to Art? Forum

The Poster Project III: Why a Call to Art? Forum held on 26 February 2022 officially launched CLIMARTE's third poster project with the City of Melbourne. Led by Dr. Lara Stevens, Forum speakers included Professor Brian Martin, Professor Patricia Piccinini and Dr Jen Rae. Introduced by City of Melbourne Councillor Rohan Leppert, the Forum was an exceptional opportunity to hear leaders in creative communications discuss their research and practice, as well as their views on the potential power of art to change Everything.
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The Bach Project

If not now, then when? An intergenerational Conversation on Culture and Climate Action in collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project featuring a musical interlude by Yo-Yo Ma.
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